Brittany & Jeremy

Last year, after wedding season ended and the snow started falling, I longed for loved. I took a break in November to start my new Pet Portraits and then a full break in December for some MUCH needed family time. Time got a hold of me, as the end of January came, and my daughter had surgery so I took yet another break. Before I knew it, It had been 3 months since I have gotten to create memories for a couple in love. I made a little post on Instagram craving for a couple who was ready to bear the cold and go on an adventure.

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Brittany and her fiancé Jeremy, recently engaged, decided they were ready for the snow. This wild duo was ready for all my weird ideas that make my photos come to life.

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I swear they thought I was crazy

but they went with every pose, over and over. “Walk.. ok stop.. walk.. ok stop.. okay, now lay on the ground”.

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Brittany came to me with a photo, that she REALLY wanted created for her and Jeremy. Of course, I always do my best to make my clients visions come to life! And we really knocked this one out of the park. Strangers passed and looked and wondered why I possibly had these two sitting on the frozen lake of a parking lot… seriously FROZEN. Our entire session was on a skating rink. Which made it even more fun in my opinion!

A huge thank you to Brittany and Jeremy for having me as your photographer. This is why I love doing what I do! I can’t wait for this year and all the fun I am going to have with my clients. I promise myself to be more active on here, on this blog, because I just love putting words to photos…even though they often speak for themselves.

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Jessica & Kyle

I couldn’t have imagined a better way to start off the first days off Fall. If you know me personally, I am obsessed with everything fall and halloween. What better way to celebrate that part of me than a dark and spooky wedding shoot!

Myself and Sarah May Captures worked together to create all the vibes we wanted for this shoot. The whole evening was full of laughs as we squeezed beside each other and clicked away. Literally, that’s all you could hear was our clicking just completely in sync. Which is basically the perfect word to describe our personalities and our work, “in sync”.

The beautiful florals were created by July Peach Floral, the delicious and unique cake by Skippy Cakes and of course our models Jessica and Kyle Culp.

Shannon & Ty

Every once in a while, my clients become my friends. When I first got into photography 3 years ago, these two were the first to trust me with not only their engagement session but were the first to hire me for their wedding. I get the chance now and then to take them on some adventures and our most recent one to the harbour marks my new favourite, due to some amazing memories.

These two are some of the strongest people I have come across in my life and they deserve nothing more than happiness. I am one of the lucky ones that gets to be along side them through their journey as a couple. 

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Julia & Zac

I am in heaven. Really I am. I have no idea how I got so lucky to be where I am. The first wedding I ever took on, was Julia's sister Andrea. They both happen to be my in-law family and that makes me even luckier. 

There is truly nothing more beautiful than an intimate wedding. No chaos - no worries, just love. The details were just unexplainably her. Vibrant and outgoing, but ever so elegant. 

From beginning to end it was just happy moments and more happy moments, playing, laughing and taking every second in. It was so magical, it literally was like fireworks... no pun intended.  

Angela & Kevin

I met Angela & Kevin for the first time last year when we discussed the wedding details. I knew right away it was a match made in heaven and a love story I just had to be apart of. 

It was quite the adventure getting to do their engagement photos, with a couple trips to Guelph, I ended up knowing the place like the back of my hand. It was totally worth it. This place is where they often take their dog and play as a big family, because dogs are children too and you can't tell me otherwise!! 

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This is why I love what I do, no posing just playing. Capturing couples being exactly who they are. It's just so amazing and I wouldn't have it any other way. Thank you for choosing me to tell your love story. 

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Jessica & Jeff

We are meant to find our other half. The person who brings out the best in us, makes us smile and makes us want to be something great. 

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When we find that person, everything is natural. Breathing in the places that used to be hard to breath, suddenly become a calm environment. The things that used to make you scared are suddenly the things that make you stronger. You no longer want to just make it to the end of another long week, but you want to be someone that strives through every day knowing you are the result of a strong partnership. Which is what love is, a partnership. A person you have decided to create an everlasting unity with. The one who has your back and who is always by your side.

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These two were that exactly, and how lucky was I to capture them in these moments of being so wild and in love. Not to mention, they embraced the cold water and winds that chilly evening... but it turned out the be the most beautiful site.

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