Jessica & Jeff

We are meant to find our other half. The person who brings out the best in us, makes us smile and makes us want to be something great. 

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When we find that person, everything is natural. Breathing in the places that used to be hard to breath, suddenly become a calm environment. The things that used to make you scared are suddenly the things that make you stronger. You no longer want to just make it to the end of another long week, but you want to be someone that strives through every day knowing you are the result of a strong partnership. Which is what love is, a partnership. A person you have decided to create an everlasting unity with. The one who has your back and who is always by your side.

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These two were that exactly, and how lucky was I to capture them in these moments of being so wild and in love. Not to mention, they embraced the cold water and winds that chilly evening... but it turned out the be the most beautiful site.

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